Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh Ye Oh Ye! What a Merry Christmas this promises to be!

Hi there strangers! (who is the strangest one here - I vote for ME!)
So I haven't been a-blogging for a while, because I'm too busy, but I'm not going to waste time making excuses on my own page for not blogging, because SERIOUSLY!
Instead I will be lamenting this past year.
Last night I ree-organised my photos and happened upon last New Year's photos from Rustlers Valley. It seems appropriate that I start my lament there.
When we went to Rustlers, I met Melody.. Mr Taurus' cousin, and I instantly fell in love with her (in a non-lesbian way). I knew when I met her that it was the Universe that brought us two super-powers toghether. We became the very best of friends. The holiday ended with Mr Taurus telling me that he does not want to be in a relationship at this point in him life.. which i understood completely (being myself a pathological commitment phobe) and assured him that I was fine with that. I wasn't really, since I really do love him very much. It's the kind of Love that does not expect anything from the other, but that that Love is returned. There were no rules, nou boundries and no limitations to my Love. Maybe that scared him. Or maybe he was unaware of my true feelings, since I lied about it in order to assure him that I would be ok. I know now that that was to my own detriment.
Since then, I tried many times to get over him.. but those feelings not only remained.. I believe that they became stronger.
But nevermind that.
So, the year started off with a bang.. (i'm so funny sometimes!) and back I went to a job that was draining all the life from me.. but atleast I could pay my own rent.
I jumped off a cliff when we went Gorge Jumping for my friend Dandilion's birthday and it was by far the most exciting thing that I have ever done.
The company where I was working closed and I had to find a new job FAST! At least I had managed to finish my degree by this time, so I quickly got a job at a magazine. Things went well..ish. It was really great very challenging. I got to write some of the reviews and even did some research of my own into articles. I wrote one.. which went into the archives..silencing my attempts to raise awareness about E-waste.
A nobel cause!
I went to Sun City with a friend and had a wild old time. So wild infact, that I made a lot of mistakes that i would later pay for. Such is the law.
I went to Oppikoppie for the 1st time and my life and had such a freakin good time that I will forever be going, from now on.
mmm.. Then my internship ended at the magazine and they wouldn't give me a contract because I didn't have my own car.. which kindof sucks, but nevermind that. I found a job temping and have been doing that ever since..
In the meantime, I graduated from Varsity - which I NEVER thought would happen..
I was robbed a couple of times - losing my cellphone and the last time my beloved laptop..
A couple of times the Ocean claimed my phones.. She's always been kindof a bitch to me, but i think we understand eachother now.. So now I am on my 5th Cellphone for the year, 2nd laptop and 3rd job. Quite eventful. I saw the Lion King, I saw the Grimm Faery Tales, and went to the 46664 concert!!!
I've met really interesting people and have said goodbey to a few as well. Life has actually been good, considering that it could have been worse and that I still have my sanity (debatable).
Though it has been tough going, 2007 has not been that unkind when I think about it.
I did manage to tell Mr Taurus that I love him, and I now know that he loves me too. Nothing has really changed, but then I wasn't expecting it to. Because I'm chickenshit, I wonder if he really understands exactly HOW MUCH I love him, but that seems irrelevant now. At least I am loved in return, and that's all that matters.
I'm doing Yoga again and that has made me so happy! I'm learning Poi, so that is also adding to my happiness AND I bought a Levi Jean, which makes my butt look hot and that makes me very happy. I love my current boss and I'm sure she and I will be friends for the rest of our lives.
I am grateful for my health and for my good fortune to have had a wonderful education. I am thankful for my wonderful family and my super amazing friends.
They make me a better person. I am grateful that I have so much Love in my life and that there is Hope in the world.
This New Years, I will be spending with Mr Taurus in Capetown.. a very similiar situation than last year, except I am much more confident and relaxed about the whole thing. I cannot wait for the clocks to be ree-set and for a whole new life to begin. Who knows, hopefully I will even have a new job in the New Year!!!
I wish you all a very happy Chistmas and New Year, and i pray that we will all remember that regardless of your religion, Chrismas is about unconditional Love. May we all experience a Love that forgiving and graceful. Peace be the journey! And remember kids! SAVE OUR CLIMATE!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A quicky to satisfy my audience..

It's been a while since you've heard from me, my faithful subjects!
My life has changed over and over again in the last couple of months, which is good, because change is good. These changes have been significant and i'm sure that they will turn out to have been for the best. I'm trying positivity. The law of attraction. Oh, one exciting thing that happened is that I have graduated! Yay me!
Anyway, so I'm working now, trying to pay the rent and cover the basics, so while things are quite hectic, it's also rather uneventful, except for the aforementioned incidences that is known only to those involved in my daily existance. Uuhhmm.. and I've become totally addicted to facebook. That's pretty much my life... but do not despair loyal bloggers! Your Queen will never abandon you! I shall return! this time, with something to say. Peace be da journey!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fear of Failure

Last year about this time, I had a nervous breakdown. I've come a long way since then, but I haven't really gotten over my fear of failure. I'm afraid of disappointing everyone..
Anyway, so lets hope that my freaking out about how this last exam went down, is just me freaking out, and not me failing the exam.
And if I passed, then I will be a graduate, and THEN what?

What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why? What? Where? How? Who? When? Why?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's a strange strange world we live in, Master Jack (Daniels).

So I'm sitting on my balcony, minding my own business (reading Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins), when I hear someone screaming and swearing loudly.
I look down from the 4th floor and see this guy that lives in nr 15 storm out (he was the one yelling and swearing) screaming over and over again of how tired the was of these (insert f-word) people. Bad mojo was following this guy around, you could spot that a mile away. He was very angry as he got into his big and shiny BMW, slamming the door, the brakes screeching. He pulled his car into the parking lot only closer to the No Parking sign (inside a bush) got out of his car, slammed the door.
He then tried to rip out the sign from the bush and didn't manage it. He swore loudly once again and stormed back to his car, slammed the door and screeched off - only to return 10 mins later (with rope), swung his car around, slammed the door, tied the rope around the sign, got in his car, slammed the door and ripped the sign out with his car. All the while screaming how sick he was of these (insert f-word) people.

I still don't know which people.. He also deposited the now deceased sign into the Care-taker's parking spot. She later told me that apparently he had scratched his car against the sign, and that that was why he had taken his (rather significant) anger out on the poor sign. Correct me if I am wrong, but the sign (having been inside the bush) could not have scratched his car unless he had driven into the bush... right?

Weirdness... anyway, so I took down his license plate number and am now a witness.. Go me.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New horizons?

Well, it's taken forever (quite literally) but I am finally in full view of the end of my studies.

This week I still have a mini-test, a huge test and a project due on Friday, and there-after, only the exam on the 06/06/07. A higher evil?
Then (if all goes according to plan) I graduate! Finally! After five long years of blood, sweat and many tears, I - Queen Ree - will be a graduate! Whoo-hooo! And you had better believe that there will be a HUGE party to mark this prestigious event.

That, and I have a job interview on Friday, which will hopefully open up many more doors for me. With the end of an era so close that I can smell it, there are a lot of things to be done before I can wip out the champagne.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

All we have is Time

Haven't posted in a while, so I thought I would just give an update.
Life is decidedly proceeding from day to day... nothing new really. I have started to watch "Heroes" and am enjoying it very much. It's so cool and intriguing and has many hotties to perve over..
Enough of that..I am anxiously awaiting some more Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy episodes.

I'm suppose to be studying for my Semester test, but am very sick (caught the office flu) and will probably have to write the sick test.
I finished my Learning programme and am anxiously awaiting feedback.. I must admit that in my hurry to finish it, i might have rushed it a bit.

What else can I tell you.. uhmmm.. OH! I'm reading "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman and am loving every word! If I didn't have to go to work or study, I would never put it down.

Time is one of those infuriatingly unpredictable things. When you want it to pass quickly, it drags at an excruciatingly slow pace, but when you need it to drag, it speeds up like that little Mexican rodent Speedy Gonzales.
In Michael Ende's book "Momo", there are such things as Time-thieves: Gray men who go about conning people into investing their Time into a Timebank - thus leaving some spare time left over when you need it the most. The trick is apparently not to waste time. Unfortunately, it is all just an elaborate ploy to steal the Time and feed on it. Like Vampires. I wonder if that could ever happen?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Running towards...

It has been quite a ride since the last time I wrote. No doubt you were all getting impatient to learn what had happened with the rather substantial amount of work that I had to do.
Well.. the long weekend was the perfect opportunity for one to catch up, but it's also a terrible waste to work all the time and not enjoy the rare opportunity to hang with ones friends.. I did do a lot of work this weekend, but by Sunday I had had enough of being indoors and desperately craved a communion with mother nature.
After I had finally managed to leave my flat, I felt much better. Cabin fever does weird things to people..
Anyway, I was force-fed Sushi and my fortune cookie said:
Don't follow a path. Go in your own direction and leave a trail.
I loved that. It means that all of my problems can be solved simply by changing my perspective and trying something unconventional.

So now its back to work and wonder above wonder - it's still there! I have projects and tests and and and, as well as a demanding job and attention requiring/deserving friends.
How will I find the time? By being magical, mystical and mysterious.. and doing it all at the same time, regardless of the ever-threatening possibility of failure.
The fear of failure should never be an excuse not to do it anyway.

Whoops! Gotta GO!